Faculty Tuition Programs

Tuition Exemption Program – (6 Credits Free)

The University of Washington offers a Tuition Exemption Policy, commonly known as “6 credits free” which entitles eligible employees to enroll in a class on a space available basis.

The University of Washington Tuition Exemption Program, established under the authority of RCW 28B.15.558, enables University of Washington employees, State of Washington employees and members of the Washington National Guard who have been admitted to the University of Washington, to have tuition waived for up to six credits when enrollment is on a “space-available” basis . The Tuition Exemption Program is available at the University of Washington Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses as well as local community colleges.

Those who enroll at the UW on a “space-available” basis for more than six credits will receive the tuition waiver for the first six credits, and will pay a per credit charge for the credits taken over six.

Student Accounts administers a program which waives the out of state portion of tuition for faculty, academic staff, spouses, and dependents who meet enrollment requirements at the UW.

Out-of-State Tuition Waiver

Eligible participants receive a waiver of the out of state portion of tuition, and pay in-state rates, at the University of Washington. The program entitles participants to receive a waiver for a total of four quarters following the first quarter of eligibility after the date of hire. Eligible faculty and academic staff are those who are employed at 50% FTE or more at the beginning of the quarter.

Waivers can be requested by contacting Academic Human Resources. Please be sure to include eligible faculty member’s name, student name and student number. The first application will require proof of relationship, such as marriage certificate for spouses and tax returns or birth certificates for dependents.

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