Promotion & Tenure Tips

  • Candidates are responsible for assembling their own promotion materials.
  • Publications and other creative works must be included the promotion packet that goes forward for review by the college. These materials are returned after that review.
  • Please do not send promotion packets in 3-ring binders or other notebooks
  • Colleges are to submit the original documentation (and one copy) that compiles a packet
  • Letters of recommendation should not be more than 1 year old
  • Please list the number of eligible voters, and the vote breakdown including those who are absent or abstaining -the description "unanimous vote" does not provide the appropriate information.
  • Due dates are somewhat flexible, but please keep in mind that all promotions are reviewed by the Vice Provost and Provost thoroughly. Schedules tend to get extremely tight during spring quarter. Please allow enough time for problem resolution, and Provost’s review and response to the candidate before the end of spring quarter by taking into consideration the schedules of the affected parties.
  • Once the promotion packet has been reviewed, and a decision reached, the Provost will respond with a letter to the Dean. The letter informs the Dean of the decision and allows the Dean to share this information with the department chair and candidate. If the decision is positive the candidate will also receive a letter from the President during Spring quarter.
  • Promotions are awarded a 7.5% salary increase upon the effective date. 12-month faculty will receive the promotion increase July 1; 9 month faculty will receive the increase September 16. Promotion increases are a separate action from merit increases. In years when a merit increase is awarded 9-month faculty who work summer and receive a merit increase July 1 will receive the promotion increase September 16
  • Promotion increases do not accompany changes in status (award of tenure) if not accompanied by a promotion in rank.
  • For mandatory promotion/tenure cases, the recommendation and full documentation must be sent to Academic Human Resources regardless of whether it is a positive or negative recommendation. Any non-mandatory promotion consideration that is not approved by the Dean/Chancellor should not be sent to Academic Human Resources.

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