Promotion and Tenure Tips for Faculty

  • You are responsible for assembling certain materials in your promotion packet.
  • Publications and other creative works must be included in the promotion packet that goes forward for review by the college. These materials are returned after that review.
  • Do not send promotion packets in 3-ring binders or other notebooks.
  • Units are to submit the original documentation that compiles a packet.
  • Please keep in mind that all promotions are reviewed by the vice provost and provost thoroughly. Schedules tend to get extremely tight during winter and spring quarter. Please allow enough time for problem resolution and the provost’s review and response.
  • Once the promotion packet has been reviewed, and a decision reached, the provost/AHR will respond with a notification to the dean. The notification informs the dean of the decision and allows the dean to share this information with you and your chair/director. If the decision is positive you will also receive a letter from the president during Spring quarter.

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