Your local hiring unit may inform you of specific responsibilities related to your school or department, however the responsibilities listed on this page are universal to all UW Faculty and Academic Staff. If you have additional questions regarding these responsibilities please contact your local administration or your Academic Human Resources specialist.

Conference with Chair

The Faculty Code requires that chairs meet individually and on a regular basis with all faculty members in their unit. The chairs must confer individually with all Lecturers and Assistant Professors every year, with Associate Professors at least every two years, and with Professors at least every three years. Written documentation must be kept to show that such meetings occurred, and a summary of each conference must be communicated in writing to the faculty member involved.

Reference: UW Policy Directory, Faculty Code, section 24-57

Record Retention and Public Record Responsibility

The University of Washington is subject to the State of Washington’s Public Records Act. As a member of the University’s Faculty, you are required to fully assist the University in responding to requests for public records. This includes promptly responding to all requests for assistance from the University’s Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings, which has oversight responsibility for ensuring that the University complies with the Public Records Act.

When the Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings asks you to search for records responsive to a public records request, you must undertake a complete search for any and all records described in the request, including electronic records and records stored off-site in facilities such as those run by Records Management Services.

All records you identify that are responsive to a request must be provided to the Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings. This includes records you consider confidential, documents that may be covered by the attorney client privilege, documents that have passed their retention period but have been retained, or documents that could have been disposed of per contractual obligations but were not.

When the University receives a public records request, all records maintained in any format, hard copy, electronic or otherwise, that are potentially responsive to a public records request must be maintained and may not be destroyed or altered, until the University has fully complied with the request.

Faculty Activity Report

Each department is required to adopt an activity report format that individual faculty members use to update their teaching, research, and service accomplishments. The reports must be submitted annually by each faculty member to the chair and are used as a basis for consideration of tenure, promotion, reappointment, renewal, and merit increases.

Reference: Faculty Code, Section 24-57

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