Medical and Family Leave Without Salary

Leave Without Salary

Leave without Salary is available to faculty women and men to care for infants, newly adopted children, and seriously ill children or other family members, including domestic partners. When Faculty Sick Leave or Family Care Leave is exhausted or is not applicable, the faculty member may apply for a leave of absence without salary. This leave of absence may be full-time with no pay or part-time with pro-rated pay. The leave is initially available for up to 6 months and is renewable after review and approval by the appointing unit. Full or part-time parental leave and/or leave without salary will not be extended beyond a two-year period.

Parental Leave and/or Leave Without Salary are granted without salary. The request should be made as soon as reasonably possible and, when the reason for the leave is foreseeable, not less than 30 days prior to the date such leave is scheduled to begin. The faculty member is entitled to return to her/his position at the conclusion of an approved parental leave and/or leave without salary.

For Parental Leave, the unit may require that the leave be taken in one continuous period of time away from work. Parental Leave must be taken within 12 months of the child’s birth or adoption, or placement into foster care with the employee. For other Leaves without Salary, the unit will determine if intermittent working or working on a reduced schedule will be allowed.

For the faculty member who takes a partial leave employer paid health benefits coverage may be continued as long as the employee is working a minimum of at least 5% FTE.

The faculty member who takes 100% unpaid leave may continue to receive health care benefits through the University’s health care plan on a self-pay basis. Arrangements for continuation of health care benefits are made directly with the Benefits Office.

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