Academic Personnel

Affirmative Action Compliance

As a condition of being a federal contractor, the University of Washington maintains an affirmative action program. This page outlines the affirmative action obligations of the University. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in the loss of federal funds. All applicants must be asked to complete the Affirmative Action Information Request (AAIR) form. The link to this online form is unique to each search and must be obtained from Academic Human Resources.

Affirmative Action Goals

The dean/chancellors and chair/directors are provided an Affirmative Action Update annually, which includes reports on faculty workforce, utilization, and goals for minorities and women. Goals are established for each school/college/campus and University-wide and are updated annually. Where there are goals, special efforts should be made to recruit and hire those who are representatives of underutilized groups, (e.g. minorities, women). The University also sets goals for persons age 40 and over, persons with disabilities, and protected veterans; the goals are set University-wide; special efforts should be made to recruit and hire from these groups in goal areas.

On an annual basis, the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action office will meet with deans/chancellors to discuss the status of each unit in meeting affirmative action goals. This information should be shared with search committees as well.

Search Committees

The unit chair/director should ordinarily appoint a search committee if a regular departmental personnel committee does not already exist. In schools without departmental structures or if the search is for a unit chair/director, the dean/chancellor appoints the search committee.

The search committee should include academic personnel that are committed to diversity and excellence. Units have a responsibility to ensure that women and minorities have equal opportunity to serve on search committees.

Role of Search Committee

It requires proactive placement of advertisements, contacts with other institutions, attendance at professional conferences, maintaining contact with potential future candidates and networking with colleagues in order to net the broadest possible pool of job applicants.

Search committees need to be certain that the criteria used for selection accurately reflect the requirements outlined in the job description and that these criteria are free of bias. Job descriptions can include diversity requirements as specific job qualifications if all candidates are held to the same standard. For example, ads could include these statements: Describe how multicultural issues have been or will be brought into courses.

Describe previous activities in mentoring minorities, women, or members of other underutilized groups. The University is committed to building a culturally diverse educational environment. Applicants are requested to include in their cover letter information about how they will further this goal.

The University is especially interested in candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community through their research, teaching, and/or service.

Governmental Reporting Requirements

In order to meet federal and state affirmative action compliance requirements, the University must request information on the race/ethnicity, sex, age, disability, and veteran’s status of all applicants to a specific job. An Affirmative Action Information Request (AAIR) must be sent to all applicants.

After the recruitment has been completed the unit must populate the online Faculty Applicant Flow Report.

Candidates brought for interview must meet the minimum requirements as stated in advertisements. Appointments cannot be made at other than the advertised level.

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