UW Benefits

The Benefits Office is a division within the Staff Human Resources Department at the University of Washington. The Benefits Office offers multiple resources to help familiarize you with the many benefits available to you as a new employee of the UW. The Benefits Office has created summaries of the benefits available to full-time faculty and academic staff, part-time faculty and academic staff, and librarians. A complete description of the benefits package is available on the Benefits Office website.

It is recommended that you register for the Faculty and Academic Staff in-person benefits orientation. This in-person course will provide you with a benefits packet and overview of the benefits associated with your new position.

You may also complete your benefits orientation online. If you choose to complete the online benefits orientation, you are not required to register for the in-person orientation. Please note that the online orientation will provide many options for navigation, and you should follow all options for faculty, academic staff, or librarians.

Please keep in mind that new employees must submit completed benefits forms to the Benefits Office within 31 days of their start date.

For more information, visit the Benefits Office website, email benefits@u.washington.edu, or call the Benefits Office at 206-543-2800.

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