Supplements and Summer Salary


Salary supplements are awarded for a variety of reasons including temporary additional responsibilities and administrative duties. All salary supplements must be approved by Academic Human Resources (AHR).

Supplements include:

Administrative Supplement

An Administrative Supplement (ADS) is awarded to faculty who are appointed to the position of dean/chancellor, chair/director or director of a school/college/campus or an academic unit.

The dean/chancellor of the school/college/campus prepares a formal request to appoint a faculty member via documentation to the provost. Once ADS (and any appropriate title change) has been received, AHR will notify the unit.

Temporary Supplement

A Temporary Supplement (TPS) is awarded to faculty who are requested to assume temporary additional responsibilities. The unit must send an approval request via email to The email must include a description of the services to be provided, the duration of service, amount, unit level approval and dean/chancellor approval.

Endowed Supplement

An Endowed Supplement (ENS) may be awarded to faculty members who have been appointed as Endowed Professor or Chair as allowed under the terms of the endowment.

Excess Compensation

Payment Guidelines

Excess Compensation (E/C) is designed to pay faculty for services provided outside normal duties. Typically it is for service performed on a one-time-only basis such as a lecture or workshop.

  • Excess compensation payments cannot exceed 25% of the total full-time rate per month. Faculty/professional staff may earn up to a total of 125% per month. Faculty should obtain authorization with their home unit prior to engaging in service.
  • Excess compensation cannot be paid for teaching a regularly scheduled class available for academic credit.
  • Faculty are not eligible to receive excess compensation for direct service on a research grant or from research grant funds.
  • Excess compensation should be paid within 90 days of completion of service.
  • Retired faculty must hold an active (either Emeritus or Retiree) appointment to receive excess compensation. Excess compensation is calculated into the total 40% annual maximum earnings for all retired faculty members.
  • Excess compensation may be paid to 9 month faculty during summer if the total distribution of appointments equals 100%.
  • Faculty are not eligible to receive excess compensation while on paid sick leave or paid professional leave.

Policy: BR, March 1953; Executive Order No. 59 of the President, October 1, 1982

Summer Salary

If consistent with funding agency policy, faculty on 9-month academic year appointments may accept grant/contract appointments during the summer for periods normally not to exceed 2.5 months in any one summer.

A faculty member requesting to devote full-time effort for greater than 2.5 months in any one summer must submit their notification using this online form.

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