Provost’s Guidelines for the Appointment of Full-time Lecturers

Provost’s Guidelines for the Appointment of Full-time Lecturers

Effective September 1, 2013

Revised on September 4, 2013


Recruitment and Selection

  • New Hires are selected using a competitive recruitment process appropriate for the position.

The benefits of this recruitment and selection process are the option for multiple year appointments and opportunity for promotion. Limited exceptions to these guidelines for new hires are permitted in circumstances of short-term instructional needs and unanticipated, short-notice instructional needs. Hires under this limited exception are restricted to annual appointments for up to three consecutive years, with continued appointment beyond this period requiring submission of a request, with position justification, and approval from the Office of the Provost.


Appointment Term

  • Appointment terms for competitively recruited full-time lecturers are annual or multiple year
    • Positions appointed on an annual basis should be reviewed for the potential of multiple year appointments after three years.
    • Best practice would generally include an appointment strategy that provides for a “terminal year” of appointment in the event of non-renewal.  For example, a two year term with the renewal decision at the end of year one.  This allows for planning by both the appointee and the appointing unit.
    • At a minimum, the Faculty Code (Section 24-41 B) requires that there be a renewal decision at least six month (or three months in the case of an initial annual appointment) before the expiration date of an appointment.


Promotion Consideration

  •  Promotion criteria should be developed for competitively recruited lecturers.
  •  Discussion of promotion plans and progress should be held during regular conferences pursuant to the Faculty Code (Section 24-57 C).


Annual Budget Meeting

  • Report on recruitment and appointment of lecturers.