New Appointment Packet Checklist

Submit the originals in one packet in the order listed. Items 1-10 must be received in and approved by the Office of Academic Human Resources prior to the entering the appointment on-line, or processing visa requests or requests for moving expenses.

Appointment Documentation:

  1. Dean/Chancellor’s letter to the President recommending the appointment, or original concurrence signature on Chair/Director’s letter to the Dean/Chancellor (if it contains all of the required information)
  2. Chair/Director’s letter to the Dean/Chancellor, reporting the faculty vote, chair/director’s recommendation, salary and appointment details, etc
  3. Affirmative action information:
    • Applicant Flow Report (submitted to EOO electronically, print to include in this packet)
    • photocopy of advertisement(s) as published in journal(s);
    • copy of position announcement posted in department (if done at the time of advertisement); and
    • copy of search committee report, if produced
  4. Original letter of acceptance
  5. Copy of offer letter
  6. Three original letters of recommendation
  7. Curriculum vitae or resume
  8. Signed UW Biography Form
  9. Conviction/Criminal History Information Form, and The Washington State Child and Adult Abuse Information Law, if applicable. When the CCHI forms are required, the department must apply for Washington State Patrol (WSP) background check and include the WSP response for official retention by Academic Human Resources.

Payroll documentation (should be sent directly to the Payroll Office) Payroll documentation must be received in the Payroll Office prior to a check being issued.