Posting Positions

Before writing a job advertisement, an academic unit should clarify its hiring needs for that position in order to attract the most qualified applicants and successfully hire the best candidate. Once the scope of the position is defined, and the written advertisement conforms to the standards outlined in the Academic Personnel Advertisement Guide, the ad is ready to be sent to AHR for review and approval.

Open positions should be advertised nationally by whatever means appropriate. Minimally, ads should be placed in a national professional print journal or online through The Chronicle of Higher Education.  In addition, letters to appropriate departments at other institutions and, if applicable, through job services at annual professional meetings are a good way to find candidates. Electronic postings outside of The Chronicle of Higher Education are excellent supplements, but will not be considered as a substitute for ads in national print journals.

For all advertisements, thirty (30) days should elapse between the first appearance of the ad in a national journal and the closing date.

Check specific college or school requirements as to whether ads must also be reviewed by the dean’s office before publication.