Search and Hire – Recruitment

Members of search committees and Chairs/Directors are encouraged to use any methods of faculty recruitment that have traditionally proven successful, including personal letters or telephone calls to professional colleagues. It is important that when such methods are employed, specific requests be made for information on possible candidates in goal areas.

Please be aware of the following resources when recruiting for open positions:

Lump Sum Relocation Payment

This policy explains how a lump sum relocation incentive payment can be made to a new employee or an employee transferring from one state agency to another. This is not compensation for specific moving expenses but a payment that is permitted when it is necessary to successfully recruit or retain a qualified candidate who will have to make a domiciliary move in order to accept an academic appointment or staff position.

Partner Accommodations

Dual Career Partners at the University of Washington

The phenomenon of dual career partners has emerged as a critical recruitment issue in higher education. The decision to accept a new position and relocate to another city is a personal one. Increasingly the job prospects for both partners are seriously considered when couples weigh career opportunities.

The University of Washington has responded to the emergence of dual career partners by informally providing job assistance services to the partners of new employees who also seek faculty or professional positions in the Puget Sound area.

This guide is intended to introduce new or prospective employees and their partners to the wide variety of resources available in the Puget Sound region. The following list of resources available at the university and in the local community does not claim to be exhaustive or complete.

University Resources

Human Resources

UW Human Resources coordinates the hiring process for staff positions. The Work/Life office supports faculty, staff and students in meeting their work and family needs through consultation and referral to campus and community resources. It is an excellent source of information about childcare, elder care, flexible work options and other resources for families.

The Career Center

The University’s Career Center on the Seattle campus offers limited fee-based services to the general public. While access to job listings is on a fee-for-service basis, the center’s web site has a wealth of information about local employers and employment resources.

Other campus relocation services

Home ownership: Recognizing the above-average cost of home ownership in the Puget Sound region, the university has partnered with local financial institutions to establish its Hometown Home Loan Program. The program offers reduced fees on mortgages and home buying services, down payment assistance and discounted interest rates.

Moving expenses: New employees’ moving expenses may be covered by the university, depending upon the agreement reached with the hiring unit and available funding.

Community Resources

The Seattle and Puget Sound region is one of the fastest growing in the nation. In addition to a number of educational institutions in the area, the software, aeronautics and biotechnology industries provide excellent opportunities for employment. A partial listing of web sites for other institutions of higher education and local employment resources is included below.

Other colleges and universities in the area:

The Seattle Public School District is one of the largest and most diverse in the state. It hires more than 300 teachers annually and has a number of professional and support positions available.

The City of Seattle maintains a comprehensive list of colleges and universities, as well as public and private K-12 schools in the area. Links to other types of employers are also included on the site.

The Washington State Department of Employment Security has an interactive job search database on its web site. The site also offers interactive employment services and regional labor market information.

The greater Seattle area employers’ job hotlines & web pages maintained by the Seattle Public Library includes listings for government agencies, local schools and colleges, businesses, non-profits, hospitals and medical agencies, and financial institutions.

As the Seattle region is home to Microsoft and other technology-based companies, job seekers in the Northwest are highly likely to find online career search services very relevant. A partial listing of online resources is below.

Additional Resources