New Hire Paperwork and Records

New Appointment Packet Checklist

Submit the originals in one packet. Items 1-11 must be received in and approved by AHR prior to entering the appointment in OPUS, or processing visa requests. New appointments that require a criminal background check must have received the notice of “no finding” prior to submitting to AHR for Provost or Board of Regents approval.

Required Appointment Documentation:

  1. Dean/Chancellor’s letter to the President recommending the appointment, or original concurrence signature on Chair/Director’s letter to the Dean/Chancellor (if it contains all of the required information)
  2. Chair/Director’s letter to the Dean, reporting the faculty vote, Chair/Director’s recommendation, salary and appointment details, etc. All votes need to include the following vote counts:
    • Number of faculty eligible to vote
    • Total vote in favor of action
    • Total vote against action
    • Total voters absent
    • Total voters abstaining
  3. Original offer letter
  4. Three original letters of recommendation
  5. Curriculum vitae or resume
  6. UW Biography Form
  7. AHR Ad Approval Notice
  8. Copy of print advertisement(s) as published in journal(s), or copy of online ad in Chronicle of Higher Education
  9. Applicant Flow Confirmation Page
  10. Visa documents, if applicable
  11. Copy of search committee report, if produced

Payroll documentation should be sent directly to the Payroll Office. Payroll documentation must be received in the Payroll Office prior to a check being issued. Please review OPUS Guidelines.

Records Retention for Search Material and New Hire Documentation

Records of all applicants for particular positions and all associated search documents must be retained by the appointing unit for a period of three years. It is permissible for these records to be stored by the Records Management Office.

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