Recruitment System Needs Assessment

Background and Identified Problems

The participation of Academic Human Resources (AHR), International Scholars Operations (ISO), and Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action (EOAA) are an important element of the hiring process for academic personnel at the University of Washington. Federal regulations guide the content of advertisements for positions that are open to international applicants, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) mandates the collection of race and gender data for applicants to any open position through the Affirmative Action Information Request (AAIR) survey. The oversight of these two regulatory bodies necessitates the engagement of AHR and ISO in the recruitment process for all academic personnel positions. Factors that may influence institutional success include:

  • The hiring process for each Department, School, College and Campus (Unit) is entirely owned within the Unit.
  • The information sharing between Units and AHR is inconsistent and frequently incomplete.
  • Candidates are not consistently completing the AAIR survey, which negates the value of other required reports.
  • The process to create and post new positions in complicated and time intensive.


  • Provide a formal recommendation report towards improving the recruitment technologies and procedures for academic personnel recruitment. This report should be compiled through careful analysis of procedural and compliance risks associated with the combined tasks of both central units and the schools and colleges.
  • The analysis of the search and hire process for academic personnel has been completed across four areas of interest:
    • Inform / Guide
    • Advertise / Search
    • Applicant Tracking / Recruitment
    • Hire /Documentation


  • Formal recommendation report, with supporting detail, is complete. The report calls for a new candidate ID system. This system will capture critical information on potential job candidates one-time only, allowing candidates to apply to multiple academic job postings.

Measurable Benefits

  • None at this time

Future Steps

  • Implementation of the recommendations has been postponed due to the launch of the Business Process Redesign (BPR) and the announcement of the selection process for a new HR/Payroll system.
  • Interim improvements will be designed and implemented to address specific high impact processes within the recruitment lifecycle, specifically position posting and applicant data collection.