Data Warehouse Access to Primary Appointment Information

Background and Identified Problems

Information about a faculty member’s Academic Home Department (the Department, School, College, or Campus in which they hold their Primary Appointment) is accessible via the Enterprise Data Warehouse (“EDW”) through the “Faculty Bio Info” (“FacBio”) interface in the Online Payroll Update System (“OPUS”). The FacBio data comes from a tool originally developed by UWIT on behalf of Academic Human Resources (“AHR”) to capture and share high level, basic data about academic personnel. The original intention was that the information in FacBio would be updated manually on a regular basis, but updates have not occurred in several years. Data from fields included in FacBio is frequently incorporated into reports generated by offices throughout the university. However, as the data in FacBio has not been maintained, data requests are sent to the Strategy and Information Management (“SIM”) group within Academic Personnel. The data contained within FacBio is duplicated within Academic Personnel’s Personnel Reporting and Information Management Engine (“PRIME”), which is the database of record for appointment information for academic personnel at the University. It was determined that information reported through FacBio would be better sourced from PRIME directly. Specific issues:

  • There is currently not any data in the EDW from PRIME
  • There are no data elements related to appointments that can be used to link PRIME data to EDW
  • The data in Prime cannot be validated through any other data resource that is available to the whole university


  • Provide campus with access to primary appointment (“Primary Academic Affiliation”) data for academic personnel for enterprise reporting and analysis, such as the Faculty Senate Voting list and Planning & Budgeting’s quarterly faculty reports.
  • Increase awareness of appointment structures for academic personnel.
  • Decrease the number of information requests sent to Academic Personnel by Units.
  • Create the means for Units to validate or verify information provided by Academic Personnel.


  • Create a feed from PRIME to update FacBio


  • Team members from SIM have been meeting with team members from EDW, HEPPS and Planning & Budgeting to determine the best approach to achieving this goal.
  • The proposed solution will be tested in November 2012, with full implementation planned for early 2013.

Measurable Benefits

  • To be determined

Future Steps

  • Providing a direct feed of data from PRIME into the EDW is still in discussion and will be pursued further at a future date to be determined based on the availability of resources within the EDW and HEPPS teams.