International Appointments Initiative

Background and Identified Problems

During the course of evaluating the visa request process a number of inefficiencies were identified as being related to the structure of the International Scholars Office (ISO) and Academic Human Resources (AHR). One outcome of the evaluation was a recommendation to realign these two units in order to ensure a successful implementation of the new visa request process. Some of the identified issues are:

  • Mitigate risks resulting from delay of appointments, incorrect appointment titles and terms
  • Ensure consistent and timely visa application review.


  • Improve service to Schools, Colleges, Campuses and Departments (“Units”)
  • Ensure compliance with federal regulations, and institutional policies and procedures.


  • Merge ISO and AHR to form a single organization, called Academic Human Resources (AHR), with a combined mission of supporting the appointment process for international scholars, which includes the visa approval analysis, permanent residence process and enhanced compliance for Units.


  • Improved communication, internally and externally.
  • Increased support for existing business processes through cross-training.
  • Improvements in visa request process (See “International Scholars Visa Request Process Improvement”)

Measurable Benefits

  • To be determined

Future Steps

  • Project completed in January 2012.